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The Mueller Austria SD80A Juicer
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The Mueller Austria SD80A Juicer


The Mueller Austria SD80A Juicer is an excellent choice for people who want a quick fix of a nutritious drink. It has an 18000 RPM motor and has a cut-off switch system to prevent excessive oxidation and build-up of heat. Moreover, it doesn’t produce excessive noise, making it ideal for families with children or touchy neighbors. Furthermore, it is constructed from solid plastic and stainless steel, so it will blend well with any kitchen decor.

You will need five parts to assemble the Mueller Austria SD80A Juicer. These parts are the filter bowl, juice cover, stainless steel strainer, plunger, and pitcher. The filter bowl is dishwasher safe and comes with a locking arm. The juicer also comes with a removable pulp container that you can use to discard the pulp. The SD80A juicer is ideal for families with young children or for households with children.

You can also get the exact nutritional value of your vegetables with a masticating juicer. They are easy to clean and mesh well with leafy greens. However, the masticating juicer is more noisy. The Mueller Austria SD80A Juicer can handle both hard and soft vegetables. The 1100 watt motor is more than sufficient to juice a wide range of vegetables. The feeding chute is three inches wide and it can handle both hard and soft fruits and vegetables.

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